National Novel Writing Month: Day One pm


So, technically this is day two of the challenge, but I am just going to bed after day one. Here is the scoop. I have 2,796 words written, but this word count is cheating because I already had 1,300 words written before November. Actually, I’ve had my outline for some time, so I don’t know when I started writing the novel. Anyway, I’m pumped because I just wrote 1,400 words in 45 minutes. I really need to write 1,700 words a day to win the challenge, which requires 50,000 words. I was worried that as a teacher I might not be able to do that…too much to do, so little time…but I should be able to write an hour a day and accomplish the goal.

Here are three ways that I am using to break through writer’s block:

1. I gave up the pride of being a pantser and actually wrote an outline. Horrible I know! But after six unfinished novels, I figured that my problem was losing inspiration half-way through. Who wants to read a story without an ending?

2. I actually wrote the last chapter first. The fear of the ending looming over me is gone. Now I can just focus on the story itself. I can always change the ending later.

3. I am skipping around. Writing chronologically just doesn’t work for my ADHD brain. I’m picking scenes and fleshing them out to deeper and deeper levels–like sculpturing.

Tomorrow I am working two jobs and going to an evening event, so we shall see if I get any writing done!


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  1. I wrote the last page of my third book before I started the first page of the first, so I can relate to that technique! Good luck with Nanowrimo, I hope you cross the finish line with those precious 50,000 words!

    • Thanks! Glad to hear that this strategy actually results in completed books. I think I may go back and resurrect some of my unfinished stories now that I have liberated myself from chronological writing.

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