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NaNoWriMo: Days Three and Four pm


Well, I disappeared from my blog for a couple of days because of an intense work schedule.

But I’m back and ready to report on my progress. Last time, I discussed the challenges of typing a novel on my iPhone. (I do have a laptop; I just couldn’t use it at work.) I finally just broke down and wrote longhand on a legal notepad, which was a great idea because I wrote fragments of two chapters, totalling 1,000 words in less than an hour. My plan to write fragments and piece them together is really working well, since I am writing a literary novel and symbolic motifs are important in the creation of the story.

I guess I need to actually reveal some of the specifics of my book…I have been pretty focussed on the hardcore realities of word generation..

The trailer for my story is as follows:

In this novel, an overwhelmed single parent starts feeling a premonition of her own death. She makes a will, assigns a guardian for her child, and tries to prepare her daughter…all the while thinking that she has lost her mind. Within the course of a month, she is hit by a car, and the reader expects that the premonition has become reality. The woman survives, but she has serious brain damage and is in a coma. However, the woman can actually hear; she is just severely paralyzed. As she gradually comes to realize that she is experiencing a living death, she copes through her daughter’s visits, which fluctuate over the years in their regularity. The woman watches her daughter go through the stages of grief as if she, her mother, was really dead. She realizes the toll that her illness has caused on her daughter. Then the woman begins to contemplate whether she should really keep fighting to live or whether she should just let go… She becomes worried that her accident may have permanently scared her daughter and that her coma is actually worse than death itself. She begins to fear that her daughter will be unable to move on with her life until her mother actually dies…At the same time, the daughter begins graduate school and becomes obsessed with researching case histories of comma victims…she discovers that sometimes coma victims are falsely diagnosed and that sometimes they actually are fully conscious, just totally paralyzed…she begins searching for a way to communicate with her mother…

This book explores the fluidity of grief and its cyclic realities… the tension between science and faith…the complications of mother-daughter relationships…the real distinctions between life and death…the power and pain of love…and the plausibility of miracles…

In the first part of the book, I’m setting up a lot of scenes that seem random but that actually come together symbolically as the story progresses. Also, I am generously interspersing flashbacks with the present in the second part of the book. I’m up to 4,400 words now, although I should be at 6,000.