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Poem: “The Weed”


Manitoba maple showing off its wares,

                paltry keys clustering

                between leather snoods,

arching pillories.

Each twig, branch, arm,

                shooting from a ringed and moss

                bedecked stump,

each leaf, pinched and mulched.

Manitoba maple with apple green leaves,

                lanky, fast,

                steady as a drunk,

Or So it seems.

May 23, 2006


Poem: “The Sprig”

The Sprig

The rubber tires clipped it,
	so we tenderly spaded
And edged out the roots.

The three glossy leaves
	were crisp with promise
And we saw a wholesome trunk.

But foresight ended there.
	Betrayed in a sea of grass,
The sprig stood bravely.

However, the season's shaving,
	grooming, and engraving
Denuded its barkless shaft.
May 23, 2006