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Write or Die


Sometimes in life your choices are rather limited. You do some things, not because you want to, but because you have to do them to survive.

I’m not talking about paying the bills, making ends meet, or any of that drivel.

I’m talking about what feeds the soul…keeps you going when nothing else does.

For writers, writing is like breathing. You stop writing and you die. Maybe writing is even a substitute for breathing.

I have tackled lots of projects in the last several months from articles to novel chapters. It’s been a wild adventure.

And I’m still writing…I’m still breathing.


Reflections on NaNoWrMo


I’m glad that my novel writing went better than my blogging. No, I wasn’t a winner of the challenge, but I did write 22,000 words for my novel. For me, this was a good start.

I learned a few things about composition as a result of writing so many words in a short space of time:

•Ending phobia can be conquered…I wrote my ending
•Writing out-of-sequence keeps writer’s block at bay.
•It is possible to write over 5,000 words in a day.
•Outlining really works! I feel that what I have so far is structurally sound, and a few interesting subplots arose spontaneously out of my drafting, so I don’t think that I lost anything from outlining.
•Reading about writing helps me work out trouble spots in my composing process.

One-third done, two-thirds of my first draft left!