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Poem: “Improvisions on Chocolate”



Cravings–sudden intensity

like tears, hiccups.

Cradling decadent petals–

slivers of fudge,

a melting balm.



Tropical refuse, torn from hands


Rings in cups, seized,



Confections bought and shouldered

by anonymous fingers,

Ate without reason,


superficial pause.


Engendered and corroded.

No longer a novelty,

but too seducing and wealthy

to be thwarted.



Gorging in self-complacent bliss,

a child on a tricycle,

pedaling in the caramel ooze.

Jabbing at the problem

like a stick in a puddle,

toying with pecans and pebbles.


Forgetting oneself in opaque rushes.



Earth’s harvest collapsed–

encased in bundles.

The herb’s leaves and

the sea’s brine

Twisted into the

churned coco.


Flecks of coconut, almonds,

cherries, wilted grapes,

all pitted and chipped,

slivered and limed.


Warm and embracing,

With each new signet,

oh, you are mine!


May 22, 2006



Poem: “Gems”


The woman’s fingers were plain;

Her ears were hole-less.

Nothing bound her wrists.

And her throat was cloak-less.

She was embarrassing, crude, and pointless.

Pewter or gold–

Society’s preference never

alarmed her.

All the shackled found her

rather strange, if not plain.

She was pegged in many

categories, just to name her.

It was psychologically distressing

For her to be so timeless and happy.

It was rather dangerous,

this woman with the plain fingers.

No symbol of marriage or birth.

It just wasn’t right.

And they tried to bind her

with unfriendly silence

and sharp words.


September 17, 2005

Poem: “Rain on Evening”


Rain-fog spreads the tree

In pin-shot spindles

From earth to sky.

Sudden intensity

Rockets into lull,

Myst of splash and tire

In light fore-reaching shadow.

The regret of rolling wave

Spreads as melting chocolate,

Bamboo regrets with sweet affection.

Again, urgency, thump of cloud

In belching stratosphere.

Cedar fronds frisking,

Opal grey of no moon rising.

Faraway lumber of ariel belting,

Crickets methodical,

Dewdrops dying,

Wind children bleating,

Trees repeating,

Fields fast fleeting.


September 16, 2004